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Do you NaNo? LOL, no I’m not talking about Robin Williams and Mork and Mindy. Raise your hand if you know about Mork and Mindy?

Anyway, with one month until National Novel Writing Month begins, aka NaNoWriMo, aka NaNo, I find myself wondering what to do. It’s obvious I’m going to be a Rebel this year. No, I’m not going back to my “bad girl” days. (Who me?) Being a NaNo Rebel means you will continue with a book you had already started, instead of starting a new one from scratch. There might be different rules, and I need to check this out, but it’s still writing fifty thousand words in thirty days.

In no way can I begin something new when I have too many outstanding writing projects to finish. Last year’s novel is around fifty-eight thousand words. I can’t wait to get back to this, and it was my original plan to work on it this year as a rebel.

Then the brainstorm of writing a second book for Howdy, Ma’am started, and I’m over twelve thousand words into it. My decision has to be “rebelling” with the second book. How exciting to be finished in a month. (next month) Finished? Did I say finished? Oh, how I jest.

I don’t want this book to be much past sixty thousand words so when I write during the month of November I should be good with word count. If I use last year’s novel, it will turn into a long book. I am not writing long books anymore. Howdy, Ma’am is killing me with word count. (You all know this was my 2010 NaNo novel, right)

Last year on the second day of November, I wrote a Thursday Thirteen post about thirteen things I had done in two days of NaNo. I’ll reblog it later.

Will you do NaNoWriMo this year? Have you done previous years? There are a lot of forums on their website to help. LinkedIn has more than one NaNoWriMo group and I’m in one with 500 members. Google Plus probably has many NaNo circles and I’m in one of them. Inspiration and encouragement are important aspects during the thirty days of literary abandon.It helps to have support when you can’t force another word from your muse. Muse? In reality, I think the muse takes a vacation.


I heard they were purging the site early so if you’re a member, you can get your page set up sooner than last year.

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