Mary J. McCoy-Dressel:

Great information on writing reviews for Readers and Writers.

Originally posted on Authors of Main Street:

Reviews are very powerful things that readers have at their disposal, but most don’t know how to review a book. So I thought I might try to provide some insight on the subject, and with luck make it more reader and author friendly. Webster’s Dictionary defines review as to write a critical examination of.

 To start, a review is not a book report. There is no need to tell the whole story or to give away the ending. If everyone knows the ending, why would they want to read the book? We call them spoilers. Don’t spoil the story for everyone. There’s also no reason to write a complete synopsis of the book.

Four and Five Star Reviews:

If you love the book, don’t be afraid to say it. Was that hero so sexy that you wanted to curl up in his arms and stay there forever? If the…

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