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Seven Paragraphs from one of my paranormal short stories, “True Love Never Dies”. Inspired by true events.

That night when Pete went to work, I sat with no radio and no TV. Alone, sitting here waiting with the terribly frightening, loud sound of traffic. Traffic. Horrible traffic. I waited. Would he show himself tonight? Would he bump the furniture to let me know he was here? I sighed woefully. Or, am I imagining the whole thing? “I’m not afraid of you now—whoever you are.” I waited a little longer. Then… Oh, the caresses all over my body excited me beyond reason. Now, the lips, someone’s lips seared my breasts. I wrapped my arms around his neck, threading my fingers through his long hair, and savoring the heat inside as he made love to me—causing climatic screams I didn’t recognize. And after when fingers probed my heated center, deep growls and groans came from deep in my throat. But when his tongue stroked mine, I did shout out against his warm mouth.

I didn’t know I had drifted off to sleep. Therefore, I didn’t know I’d been dreaming. The thump against the couch woke me. “Pete? Are you home from work?” I looked toward the door. No one was visibly there. “You’re here.” His vision flashed in front of me, the button on his pants undone—zipper partially down—naked beneath them. “Why are you here? What happened to you? Who are you?” I covered my face with my hands. Ohmigod, what have I done?

“A car wreck. I’ve come for you.” He went to the sliding door overlooking the patio, and pointed. “Right there.” He slowly came toward me.

He scared me to death. I saw my own hands tremble, felt my body had been loved. Mmmm, loved to the limits.

Reaching out he said in a raspy voice, “Don’t fear me. I have no call to hurt you.”

“What is it you want? Why do you roam? Why is your spirit not at rest?”

“I need to be with my love. She was with me on that tragic night and has been lost to me ever since…until now.”

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