From White Page and Dark Space, Miracles Occur

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Something amazing is about to happen.

From your mind, all of the pieces that make up who you are, will band together to create….

Not just a story, but a living, breathing world.

You, are its god. You will sweat during its trials, smile during its triumphs, and cry among its inhabitants when they experience heartbreak.

Because they will experience heartbreak. You know that’s a part of life, and that sheltering your people from it is stealing away some of life’s bittersweet beauty. And because you love them, you will give them real life, taking away nothing. Not even heartbreak.

You are a writer. But more importantly, you are a storyteller.

Don’t take the title lightly.

From the nothing of white page and dark mind-space comes light, your breath, blown into pages, into the lungs of fictional characters…. You make them real by breathing your…

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Link of the Week – Open Culture and Stephen King

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Link of the Week – Open Culture and Stephen King
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stephen-king This week’s link is to an interview  by Open Culture, a “cultural and educational” site, with the great Stephen King. is for all writers of any genre. Whether just starting out or a seasoned pro, you’ll want the twenty gems from Stephen King. When he speaks, I listen. Mostly because he is so relatable, like a mentor, like a friend. Be inspired!

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It’s a Buffet of Books! May Day Romance. Authors. Prizes. Party!


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10170823_858234677526265_1404864820229728528_n#BookLVRSBuffet #FBParty

Load up—you won’t gain a pound

Thursday May 1, 2014 3:00-10:00 pm EST

Come one, come all!

You’re all invited to our Facebook Party. Fun. Prizes. Books. Meet authors. More.

See a video of all the books in the buffet.

Take a look at all the categories and books available – Contemporary, Erotica, Women’s Fiction, Mystery/Suspense, Paranormal, Historical, YA/NA, Contests!

(Cowboy Boss and his Destiny is under Contemporary. Still on sale.

Links to the website to see all the books and categories can be found on the Facebook Event Page.

Visit us on our Party page. Say I sent you! Say hi.

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#BookLVRSBuffet BOOK LOVERS BUFFET Thursday May 1 FB Party 50+ Authors #FBParty Prizes. Join us from 3-10 pm EST

Thanks! Happy May Day!

Notice I have a Contact and sign up to be notified of New Releases Page. Two new books coming between now and summer.

Sorry for sending two posts today but this one is time-sensitive.

Brenda Novak’s Annual Online Auction for Diabetes Research is Back!


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May 1 – 31, 2014

flyersmAuthor Brenda Novak does an auction every year and it brings in some big names with wonderful items to bid on. Please check it out HERE and please share on your social networks. Find information on this site about the auction and the reason New York Times Bestselling Author Brenda Novak does this each year. Please stop by throughout the month of May.

This is the Tenth Anniversary of Brenda’s Annual Online Auction for Diabetes Research. It’s not only books. Bid on a vacation!

Last year I donated a copy of Howdy, Ma’am to be loaded on a Kindle with other authors. What a treat for the winning bid to pick up a Kindle with so many books!

Novak Auction

This year, I donated a copy of Cowboy Boss and his Destiny. You can see a list of all the authors I’ll be joining on this year’s Kindle PaperWhite WiFi #1: Historical And Contemporary Romance. I must say I’m very proud to be among the list. See the Kindle Paperwhite with the list of authors HERE. (My name is spelled wrong, but you know me.)


Brenda Novak’s Auction for Diabetes Research Facebook Page: Please share with your FB friends.

Brenda’s Auction on Twitter:

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Online Auction to benefit Diabetes Research:


Ready Made Tweet:

Tenth Anniversary of Brenda Novak’s Annual Online Auction 4 Diabetes Research @bnovakauction #bnda #fundacure PlsRT

How about this: What a Deal! A Sweet Life. Better grab this one.

For details on A SWEET LIFE click the banner and scroll down on the page.

ASweetLifeBannerAd_500x160Thank you for reading! As always, feel free to follow my blog or sign up for New Releases.

“The One in the Fire Pit, and Mine”


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#Novellines Excerpt from Cowboy Boss and his Destiny #WesternRomance

Tristan ran his fingers up and down her arm, taking a moment to squeeze her neck in a firm massage.

“Your fingers are magical. For sure I’ll be sore tomorrow after that ride. I’ll have to soak in the hot tub. Come in with me Sunday?”

“Yeah, sure. No problem.”

“You didn’t have to think about that much, did you?”

Tristan grinned. “Nope. Not if I get to see you in a bathing suit again. You have a hot body. You must work out a lot.” His fingers lingered against the side of her neck. She peered at him and his heart softened.

“I don’t work out much.” Her eyes raked over him. “You with those abs!”

“I work my ass off around here, even grab extra bales of hay when it’s delivered. I’m glad it shows.” He stood and took her hand, hauling her up. “I know some time tonight I have to let you go to bed, but holding you feels too damn good inside.”

“I like having you around to hold me.”

“You got it, sweetie. Let’s get inside, but I have to put the fire out first. The one in the fire pit, and mine.” He extinguished the fire and they gathered the pizza box, plates, and beer cans. Tristan turned to her as he held the door open on the way in. “Let’s fall asleep on the sofa together. Fully clothed so you don’t have to freak. I need to hold ya all night.”

Nora sat the items on the island in the kitchen and tossed the pizza box and paper plates to the trash. She turned to him when he sat the beer cans down. “Will your wild man pop out again if you share the sofa with me? I’d like your arms around me all night, cowboy, but…you know.”

“Oh, Nora, if anything pops…never mind.” Tristan lifted her into his arms and headed for the family room, shoving the door closed when he entered. He dropped her to the sofa, wrenched her beside him when he sat, and grabbed the remote…

Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight #1

Book two in this series is finished! (First draft) So is the book cover which is absolutely gorgeous. If you want to be the first to know about a new release, please sign up HERE to be notified.

The price is still reduced on Cowboy Boss and his Destiny

Interview With a Book Character Hero~ Meet Tristan


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Tristan Carlson–hero in Cowboy Boss and his Destiny. He runs his quarter of the Double Dutch Ranch. 


Backdrop for the Double Dutch Ranch Series

I feel lucky. Characters come to me in a certain way. When they appear to me, I know what they look like. They usually have a name and a career, and I see a bit of their character. Tristan came to me as a gentle soul right from the beginning. He has a soft heart and I couldn’t see changing his character for this book. One reviewer didn’t like him this way. (I’m sure they’ll be more.) I’m sorry. I aim to please, but of course, we can’t please everyone.

Introducing Tristan Carlson:

Tristan came in with his usual confident swagger, removed his hat, and took a seat across from me. Now I know what they all mean about his sexy eyes. They’re very unique.

Tell these nice people how long you’ve been at the Double Dutch Ranch.

T.C. Nice to meet ya, ma’am. You know what I mean—since I live in your head a lot of the time, I kind of know you. We know each other pretty dang good, don’t ya think?

I see you’re being bold again. I didn’t think a character I created could make me blush.

T.C. Yes, ma’am, but you know I have to be bold. Anyway, I came here ten years ago when Dad got sick. I bought the house from my mom and she lives there with me and my little girl, for now.

Coming  in February

Available Now

Tell us about your little girl. It choked me up the way he laid his hand over his chest when I mentioned her.

T.C. You mean my heart. My daughter owns me. Smart as can be, too. I’ll be sending her to college next year instead of first grade. Everybody says she’s adorable, and ya know what? She is. She’s got the prettiest blue eyes. Don’t let her fool ya. She’s got a bit of mischief tucked away and she’ll show it now and again. My mom says she gets it from me.

You’re a horse rancher. How many do you have?

T.C. Six of my own, but there’s ten in the border barn. Two belong to a barrel racer who boards them. I have ranch hands who help me take care of it all. I try to give a good home to a rescue horse when I can. My own mustang is a rescue.

But, that’s not all. You also publish a magazine.

T.C. Yes, ma’am. I do it because I’m a journalist second to ranchin’. Gives me a chance to write, and the subscribers seem to like it. Everybody’s happy.

That includes your newest employee.

T.C. Ah, yeah. Well, I’m not called cowboy boss for nothing. That’d be Nora you’re talking about I suppose.

Yes, I referred to Nora.

T.C. Darlin’, you’ll have to talk to the redhead if ya want information about her. I’ll set you up with an interview if ya want. She’s free after five o’clock…most nights, but…I keep her here real late when we’re doing a launch…or something like that.

But, there’s a little more to it than you being her boss. Correct? After all, your series is called: Double Dutch Ranch: Love at First Sight.

T.C. Excuse me? Ah, did you not…never mind. That would be rude. Would you like an interview with Nora? She’ll probably tell more than I will.

There must be something about her you can tell our readers.

T.C. A couple things. One—she’s beautiful. Two—she’s compassionate and passionate, ah, she has a big heart. Everything great about her is tucked into one cute package. Damn straight about that. She’s talented at her job. That’s why I hired her.

Hmm, interesting. Being a single father and running the ranch has to fill up all Tristan 2your time. Do you have time to date? Tristan laughed, and those cute dimples on the side of his mouth were so darn adorable. I heard it was a family trait. 

T.C. Honey, I don’t have time to sleep, let alone date. But, let me back up here a bit. Single father. Bingo. Key word. Women my age don’t want no man with a four-year-old. I’ll rephrase that. They want me for fun, let’s say, but not for keeps. My daughter is my priority. I don’t play their game.

What about Nora, your assistant? How does she feel about you having a child?

T.C. She’s not like other women. No other comment, ma’am. Yep. She’ll be in to work in less than an hour. Maybe you’ll get a chance to see how tender she is with my child. Make your own decision after that.

Absolutely. How does your daughter get along with Nora?

T.C. You don’t give up easy, huh? Destiny loves having another woman around besides her grandmother…ya know, around the office. My door is always open to my child. She cares a lot for Nora and drops in to see us often.

Lucky for you. I’ve heard nightmare stories about single parents and their kids not accepting their mom or dad dating.

T.C. Yes, ma’am.

I waited. Tristan apparently had nothing else to say on the subject. I looked around the room. Is that Nora’s office over there? I nodded toward a doorway. Do you mind if I take a look around?

Tristan stood and I followed him into Nora’s office. Did I mention his height? He’s a tall one. Mmm, he’s hiding some muscle under that t-shirt. In her office, I immediately saw two photos on her desk. I picked them up and glanced at the rancher. He had the cutest smirk on his face. Not to mention, mischief danced in his eyes.

 T.C. Maybe you should’ve done this interview with Nora.

With an awry grin, he took the photos from me and set them back on the desk.

T.C. If we’re finished here, I have a ranch to run. My lead ranch hand, Selva, will be on my back if I don’t get out there and lend a hand. He thinks he’s the boss sometimes.

Wait. What can you tell me about your brothers? And not only that—I hear you have a professional bull rider in your family.

T.C. My brother, Jase? He’s a year older than me. A great guy, but don’t tell him I told ya. He owns a quarter of the ranch. You can go the back way through the desert to his place, too, if you want to visit him. He has a son and daughter. Cute kids. You’ll meet him in Cowboy Boss and his Destiny. Ha, that’d be me—cowboy boss. Insider tip—Jase is getting his own book. My little brother’s not around much. He does his own thing for now. He’s not much interested in ranchin’ at the moment. He’ll come around in time. Dang, he’ll probably get a book too.

He narrowed his eyes at me with that statement. Maybe I should tell him he gets to be in all their books.

T.C. And the bull rider? That’d be my cousin, the adrenalin charged, crazy fool—Caulder McCutchen. Yeah, he has his own book, too. Actually, he has two books. I wonder how that happened. But, another inside tip? I get another one, too. Look for it, and I can tell ya Nora will play a big part.

I wonder if he knows that smile of his has the ability to knock my socks off? (Literally!)

Thanks so much for the interview, Tristan.

 T.C. Hey, come on, take a walk through the barns with me if ya don’t mind getting those fancy shoes messed up. Oh, and watch the toes, horses are known to step on them if ya get too close. I’ll introduce ya to my rescued mustang. Maybe I’ll take ya for a fast ride through the desert in my red, jacked-up 4×4. I’ve been known to have a lot of fun in that thing. He snickered and diverted his eyes.

T.C. Come on, I’ll give ya a quick lesson on mucking out a barn. Not so good in high heels though… Hey, here comes Nora. She can come along.

I looked up when a blue SUV pulled in, and a woman with gorgeous coppery-colored hair got out. Her face lit up when she saw him standing at the door. Tristan’s lips quirked into a smile almost as big as a crescent moon. 

Daddy! Wait for me.

The prettiest little blonde girl ran out of the office. She had on cowboy boots! Tristan lifted her, kissed her cheek and released her to the ground. So cute!

 We passed a woman sitting on their front porch tuning a guitar. The little girl waved and said hi to her grandma.

NOTE from Mary: I read a blog post from an influential blogger in my field. She suggested we shouldn’t talk to our characters, and was adamant. Unfortunately, I had already written this blog post before reading her post. (Yes, I wrote this months ago before Cowboy Boss came out. I kept it as a draft, waiting, trying to decide if I’d post it here.)

She said anyone interested in the character, or book, would be those who have already read the book and met the character. It was a good point, and I understood it, too.

The thing is, I like talking to my characters, and I’ve been known to step outside of the box now and again. Not that I’m disagreeing with the blogger at all. I’m not.

Of course, I do have to talk to them because they live in my head. From this point on, this is probably my last character interview. I would love to interview Jase Carlson who is the hero in book two in this series…but I won’t. He grew on me so much that by time I wrote the end to his story, he became my favorite hero. It’s hard to say because I love them all.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to sign up to be notified of new releases via the Contact/ Newsletter Sign Up Page. I expect to have two books out between now and the end of summer 2014. Jase’s book and the compelling conclusion to the Bull Rider Series– Hey, Cowboy, Book #2. (Spring)

Western Theme Week at Story Finds Vote for Cowboy Boss and his Destiny in the Cover Poll


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Western Theme Week is finally here.

I’ve waited a year for this to come back to the Story Finds Website. 

BOOK COVER POLL lasts ALL week. Cowboy Boss and his Destiny is featured. Please Vote!

Many of you have commented on my cover for Cowboy Boss. If you like it, I’d love if you voted for it over on Story Finds. You can only vote once. Heck, send your friends! Maybe they’ll like it too. Or, maybe they’ll like another one. I hope you/ they like mine! :-)



Forbidden: My Muse


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Many of you don’t know this side of me…

  • Sometimes I think of other things besides cowboys. (Not often)
  • Sometimes I do write in first person.
  • Sometimes this music moves me. (Video below)
  • Always– I listen to my muse.


I see him often at Midnight. Does he know? The way he moves is so sensual and serene at the same time. To know even the slightest touch from his warm fingers, would be so erotic against my heated skin. Does he know? Does he sense me in the shadows? Does he smell my perfume, dream of my sweet lips? I dream of his lips, titillating and tempting they are.

I smell his scent, so masculine, and belonging to only him when he walks by– while I stand in the shadows, watching, feeling, inhaling, and dreaming of his touch. One day I will step out, and show that I yearn for him, lust for him. Will he know? Will he lust? Will he love?

My lonely fingers want to smooth his dark hair, push it behind his ears, and breathe 320px-Auge_Böhringer_A_1sensuous words into his psyche. My eyes of blue can only stare upon his beautiful brown orbs from the shadows. Oh! He comes so close at times. Watching his form walk past, seeing his broad shoulders—what a wonderful place to rest my head. Those legs, long and firm, could walk me to a field filled with white clover, and lie me down.

His complete body could lie atop me, and drive me to ecstasy, to forbidden places that only live in my mind. His fingers could touch places in my body that no man ever knew, and I would scream words I’d usually never say. My lips would do things he asked of me, my tongue flick his forbidden spots, make him feel sensations he didn’t know existed within himself.

Yes, when I walk out of the shadows, I will go to him, walk up behind him, put my hands right on his shoulders…and–

He will be spellbound as he inhales my womanly scent, reeking, dripping, and calling from 659025qoghhh3656my most feminine places. He will quiver when my fingernails, painted with screaming red polish, undo the buttons on his shirt, and then rake across his chest, pulling at the wispy hairs there. He will suck in his breath as I slip my fingers inside the waistband of his jeans, sliding my hands against his abdomen, reaching lower to feel the warmth of his swollen forbidden length of manly pride.

I’ll watch him toss his head back against me. I’ll place my heated lips against his ear, smooth his hair back away from his face, and turn him around to look at my lustful gaze. Looking into my eyes, he will melt with desire, grasp my shoulders and slide his hand across my buttocks, lower his lips to my plump breasts, tantalizing my taunt beaded peaks with his heated tongue. Will he lust? Yes! Will he smell my fragrance? He will! Will he dream of my sweet lips? Yes! He will walk me to fields filled with white clover…Yes…and lie me down, covering me with his complete body. He will, when I come out of the shadows…

But wait!

Do I see the lights come on? Is it a part of my muse? Am I correct when I look into his forbidden eyes? He can see my eyes of blue with the lights on. I will know in thirty seconds, for in this forbidden room, there are no more shadows to hide behind. And he is standing mere feet away with his back to me. Only two steps is all it will take.

But wait! My hands are reaching for his shoulders.

He is lifting his head, sniffing my scent, knowing what it calls for. Yes, his head is leaning back against me, savoring the feel of my hands crawling over his chest. Is that a moan escaping from his lips as I entangle his hair between my fingers? A sigh as my fingers slip lower? Yes!

372488y1y6pqhzveWith the shadows gone will he look into my eyes of blue…? Yes– he can see, feel, inhale… Yes, he will smell my hypnotic perfume, taste my lips, full of sweet. Are his hands on my shoulders? His lips against my neck? His arms pressing me against his body? Oh, yes, I smell his scent. Feel his hands slipping lower, higher…? This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. But, yes, he’s leading me out the door. I see fields filled with white clover. His smile, tempting, his hand in mine, leading to…to…

Oh! Mmmmm. Ahhhh… Yes…

Copyright © Mary J. Dressel All Rights Reserved.

My muse.

My muse does this to me sometimes.

Blue eye: Taken by Böhringer Friedrich. Couples: Glitter-Graphics .com. Field of clover: Trish Steel [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

What is Going On Here?


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What’s Going On?

 Comments and/ or Newsletter sign up can be found in the menu at the top.

  • Cowboy Boss and his Destiny is published. Like I didn’t hound you about that already, right?

CowboyBossandhisDestiny_MED Info can be found on the book page HERE if you’re new and haven’t experienced my hounding, yet. :-) Will Cowboy Boss be out in print? Yes, there’s a good chance. No time frame as of yet. Cowboy Boss and his Destiny in ebook format remains on sale for a limited time.


  •  Hey, Cowboy (Bull Rider Series #2) is about to be published soon. FYI: This is Tristan’s cousin. He was briefly mentioned in Cowboy Boss. Caulder and Velia’s story started in Howdy, Ma’am.

My apologies to all of you who are waiting for Hey, Cowboy. Maybe this was said before, maybe not, but some of the issues with this book…okay, the BIG issue, was out of my hands. Still, I take the blame for the delay. No other comment about that.

This book is long and broken up into two parts. Before and after. Before and after what? You know I’m not telling. Look at it as if you’re getting two books in one. Yes, I could put it out in two books, but do you want to wait and pay twice? I don’t want you to either. Expect a spring release for this book.

A pre-publication review blew me away and brought tears to my eyes. Velia and Caulder are so close to my heart. They’ll both make an appearance in Jase’s book, too.


  •  Book two in the Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight is nearly completed in first draft.

superstition-mountain2.jpgJase is a horse rancher like his brother Tristan, yet a little different. The book does have a title. Only those with a copy of Cowboy Boss and his Destiny know what it is right now. Shhh, readers don’t tell. It’s your secret. I do have a very fast and dedicated editor so once this is finished, it will go to her.

 Insider Information

The model for my cover hero is hot, hot, hot, (to me) but not only the model. So is my character. (Sorry, guys, I know you don’t want to hear about how hot my hero is. You’ll like the heroine.) Jase is a handsome hero with an attitude and a grudge and watching him come into his own is so much fun. I couldn’t love him more.

The model for the heroine is gorgeous and she fits my character to a “T.” I went all out and purchased an exclusive image of the couple for this book cover, and I hope you like it. I have been in touch with each model personally. They’re both down to earth, considerate, and very friendly, too.

The book cover will be made soon and I’ll be looking for help with a cover reveal. Any takers, use the contact form at the top. Or, comment.

The little bit of information I have for you, so far, about Jase Carlson can be found on the book two page HERE. More info will come as I have it. Expect a summer release for this book.

 What’s Next Up?

More books to follow in the Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight. Keep in mind there are three Carlson cowboys.

You can now sign up for my newsletter to be informed of new releases and important book information. I promise not to bombard your inbox with email from me. As always, I invite you to follow my blog.

Thank you for reading.

Week 40 Warmth. Scent. Passion. My Sexy Saturday


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Having No Sexy ~ @MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSWeek40 #MySexySaturday

CowboyBossandhisDestiny_MEDAre you looking for romance without all the conflict and drama, yet still want a sensual and passionate love story? Try Cowboy Boss and his Destiny.

Available now and still on sale for a limited time.


The “theme” this week from the My Sexy Saturday blog hop page: What happens when we’re having no sexy? When our characters are too tired, too ill or just not in the mood. We realized even though we talk about the sexy and doing the sexy and everything sexy, sometimes that just doesn’t enter the picture. Sometimes it is truly about the love between two people when the sexy fails them for some reason. One of the best songs ever to represent this stance has to be from the movie Notting Hill called When You Say Nothing At All. Follow the Link below to visit other participants.

Seven paragraphs from my New Release

This isn’t really a set-up, but sometimes a man has to do what he has to do.

Grabbing his keys from the table, he hurried to his truck, started it and took off down the dirt driveway—turning right onto the first road, onward to U.S. 60. He struggled to keep it at the speed limit. For the second time tonight, he turned down her road but this time he didn’t spin around to go back the other way. Pulling up in front of her townhouse, he revved the engine before turning it off.

Tristan peered into the mirror, took cologne from the console and slapped on a small amount. He plopped his hat on. At her door, he took a deep breath and knocked hard. A light came on inside and his heart sprinted. She opened the door—messy hair and rubbing her eyes.

“Remember I said I was a man of my word?”

She removed his hat. “Get in here.” She crashed into his arms.

Yeah, just want I needed. He lifted her and her legs went around his waist, exciting him beyond comprehension. He kicked the door shut and took her lips in an ardent kiss on the way to the bedroom, plopped down on the bed and lay beside her. “Let me lie with you. That’s all I want right now,” he whispered, breathless.

“Yes,” she said, snuggling beside him.

He stretched out along side of her, one long leg hooked over hers. He tightened his arms around her until he absorbed her warmth, scent, her passion. Tristan closed his eyes, and slept.

Thank you for reading.

Song from my playlist for this book. “Crash” by Dave Matthews

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