Roaring Like a Lioness… (Sneak Peek – Hey, Cowboy, Bk 2)


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Today I’m giving you a sneak peek into Hey, Cowboy, Bk 2. (Bull Rider Series) This book is releasing in July 2014. If you don’t know Velia and Caulder, you can meet them in Howdy, Ma’am, Bk 1.

Caulder is the cousin to Tristan, Jase, and Dane Carlson of the Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight. He also makes his appearance in Cowboy Boss and his Destiny. He and Velia appear in Heartbreak’s Reward.

Velia shook her head. “No cameras though. That’s too freaky. It scares me.”

“You need to think it over.” He stood and walked to the doorway. “Where’s the damn doctor?”

She gave a subtle laugh. “Now you sound like my dad’s right hand man, Roy, when I was in the hospital.”

He turned back toward her. “Did you mention this incident to your father?”

“I haven’t mentioned it to anyone but you.” Velia pivoted and peered out the window at the dreary morn. Glancing over her shoulder, she asked, “Should I?”

“I don’t know.” Caulder came up from behind and hugged her. “Thanks for telling me about this. It’s not the kind of thing to keep from me.”

She faced him. “What do you think it’s about? Should we be alarmed?”

He pulled her against him and wrapped her tight in his arms. “I don’t know, babe.”

Interrupted by the nurse who had discharge papers in her hand, Caulder took a seat and Velia sat on the edge of the bed. The nurse gave instructions—also scheduling a follow-up appointment with his doctor, along with the CT scan. He had to take it easy with no athletic activities.

The nurse continued on, and after giving all the warning signs to look for, she signed the paper and had Caulder sign it, giving him a copy. Free to leave. Velia beamed with delight, wanting to lift him over her shoulder and run out of that place—roaring like a lioness—and carry him out. She grabbed his bag. He took it from her. “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Sì!” Glad to see Caulder’s smile when he looked at her, it changed to a frown as he got in the wheelchair to be wheeled out. She had a moment of empathy pass over her—sure that he worried about the future, his career, and their relationship.

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Howdy, Ma’am and Yeehaa-ing MFRW Book Hooks


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Book Hooks! #MFRWhooks

logo book hooksOh, what is a book hook? From the MFRW Authors Blog: Book Hooks is a weekly meme hosted by Marketing for Romance Writers as part of the MFRW Authors Blog. It’s a chance each week to hook readers on your current WIP or any previously published book.

This week, I’m offering a hook from Howdy, Ma’am (Bull Rider Series Bk #1) Hey, Cowboy, Book Two is due for release in July. Sensual contemporary western romance. Here you go…

Italian class meets bull rider rowdy.

Paperback Coming Very SoonSet-up. From Chapter Two. Velia gave up her job as a travel photographer to relocate and begin a new life. Caulder needs a photographer to travel the pro bull riding circuit with him for a season. He offered her an opportunity she couldn’t refuse…

My hook…

It was difficult being so far away from everything she loved. But here, she had Edward and Alice and her work. And now it seems she might have a cowboy to follow around. “A cowboy? I’m a city girl… What will I do with a cowboy?”

Then her thoughts drifted back to the cowboy who sauntered in like he owned Tucson. “I didn’t even get his name.” She slapped her palm against her forehead. “How come I didn’t ask his name?” It was scrawled across the flyer he tossed on the desk, but she didn’t pay any attention. She went to her laptop and typed in rodeo stars for the current year.

She found a slew of links. “How do I find him out of all these?” Clicking on images brought even more results. “Mm, che belli cowboys!” While browsing all the handsome guys, she examined the action photos and knew she could do as well or better. Wait. He said bull riding not rodeo. Again, her thoughts went back to his request—to travel with him for almost a year. She fanned herself with the newspaper. “Can my heart take so much manliness? For a whole year?”

Book #1 (Bull Rider Series)

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA

Also available at Kobo, B&N and iBooks.


Bull rider Caulder McCutchen wants to start living again. But this year he has a good chance of winning the converted buckle, knowing he has to ride harder, go bigger, or go home. Winning consumes him, but it doesn’t take away the pain from a tremendous loss less than two years ago. On a whim, he hires a feisty photographer to travel the bull riding circuit with him for a season. A little extra publicity can’t hurt, and she’s easy on the eyes. When he finds himself passionately attracted to her, will this sassy little Italian photographer prove to be just what his claim to fame needs—or a disastrous distraction?

Velia Armano had the strength to walk away from an abusive husband. She moves from Chicago to Tucson, Arizona and opens her own photography studio. Six months into her well-ordered life alone, a hunky cowboy saunters in with his howdy, ma’am and flame blue eyes, offering a job any photographer would find hard to refuse. She accepts his offer, and discovers they both have their own obstacles to overcome. While trying to resist his heated embrace and gentle nature, she hopes to find the right answer before the season ends—to remain in her self-appointed exile, or give in to a “happily ever after.”
When the season ends, who wins the real prize?

Reader advisory: Rated R by movie standards.

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Cover Reveal (Double Dutch Ranch: Love at First Sight #2)


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#WesternRomance #Romance #BYNR #CoverReveal

~Cover Reveal

Double Dutch Ranch Series:
Love at First Sight #2

Summer 2014

Meet Jase and Brenna


Heartbreak’s Reward


Rancher Jase Carlson doesn’t understand the ache in the hollow of his chest, since his ex-wife ripped his heart out. To add more devastation to his life, she doesn’t follow the court rules where his kids are concerned. Harboring an attitude and a grudge, he accepts that life goes on. Months later, not much has changed—except now Jase is lonelier and even more pissed off. When he comes to the aid of a woman in distress, he’s sorry he was raised to be a gentleman. To make matters worse, he’s coerced into spending time alone with her. No matter how tight her jeans and sweet her smile, he insists this sexy blonde is not what his broken heart needs. But will he feel the same way when he remembers how good it feels to hold a woman in his arms?

In an attempt to save her rebellious teen sister from herself—as her guardian, Brenna Page leaves everything behind and takes a teaching job in Canyon Junction, Arizona—so they can both mend their hearts and start over. When she unexpectedly meets a hot-headed cowboy with intense blue eyes and muscles-to-die for, the first thing she wants to do is get away. Since she can’t seem to shake him, Brenna wonders if that same grudge-filled cowboy with an attitude is someone worth taking on. But still dealing with memories, and a sister who wants to go back home, the last thing she needs right now is a horse ranching cowboy interfering in her new life.

One wrong turn. Two broken families. Brought together by chance…and need.

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Cover Design:

Dawné Dominique DusktilDawn Designs

Cover Models:

International Cover Model and Actor Grigoris Drakakis / FB Professional Pg.

 Model/ Actress Jax Turyna / The World of Jax

Books 1 & 2


Cowboy Boss and his Destiny Links

Upcoming Books in This Series

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Countdown to Cover Reveal for Summer Release


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???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????You don’t hear me talk a whole lot about the second book in the Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight, other than to say it exists. I haven’t released the title yet, but it can be found in the back matter of Cowboy Boss.

This is the week I’ll do a cover reveal. My mailing list subscribers have already seen it. I’ve kept fairly quiet about what this book is about. The blurb that accompanies the cover reveal will give more information. Expect this book to be out this summer.

Cowboy Boss and his Destiny is book one, but I’ve written both books to stand on their own. DidWelcome_to_Arizona_Sign (2) you know this book was a Top Pick with a rocking five stars at The Romance Reviews? The novella that picks up where this book ends will be out later in the year. Not that the story needed to carry on, but I wanted it to. Remember, the first book can be read on its own.

Of course, I hope you like the Carlson family enough to want to check them all out. This series keeps growing. Now, there’s a book four. A new love blooms at the Double Dutch Ranch. But…that isn’t all. An idea for a fifth book came to mind.0013 (4) extra small

The hero in book two is Jase Carlson. He’s Tristan’s oldest brother. Jase is introduced in the first book, but his life took a huge turn. You can’t have a romance without a heroine. Jase fought me all the way on this…until he remembered something about women—how good it feels to hold one. This is where Brenna Page comes in… You’ll meet them both this week.


Cropped and low pixel 2I’ve been consumed with the second book in the Bull Rider Series. Nothing about this book went to plan except I wrote the story that called to me, and then cut about 10K words. Hey, Cowboy, Bk 2 will be out in July 2014. Sometimes it feels like I lived this story, I’ve been with it so long. If only I could feel that cowboy Caulder’s kisses. Kinky? LOL I even dreamed Velia’s nightmare once.

See y’all later this week… Until then please be safe. Don’t forget the sun protection. :-)



All Posts Cleanup or Seven Year Delete: Such is Life


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Seven years. What does this mean? It seems like I went through seven years of my life in an hour. How?

My Dashboard. It was some trip.

Some blog posts needed an overhaul. Many didn’t have titles. Shame on me for that! Most untitled posts had been Reblogs. My own. How did I post without a title? I need to remember the next time I reblog something of my own – the title apparently doesn’t carry over.

What does it matter if they’re old posts? Why do I care if they have a title? You must remember, they’ve never been seen before by new blog subscribers or visitors.

Each time I get a new subscriber, comment, or a Like, at least three of their blog posts are attached to the email notification. I’d feel awful if a new subscriber had a notification from me with three untitled posts. Again…shame on me!

All Posts

I lost count of how many I deleted this time. Sure, that takes away how many posts I’ve written in seven years. Last year the same thing happened. Gone, part of the life I used to write about. Old books. Old life. They kind of go hand in hand.

This made me stop and think about the past seven years. Not yet a decade, but much has happened…changed—good and bad changes. Sometimes things like this happen so gradually that you don’t have time to realize until you see them all lined up in ‘All Posts” and there sits the story of a life…in seven years.

My past posts were more personal than recent ones. Remembering back, I can understand why. When you have time, take a look at your own ‘All Posts’ and pay attention to what you see. How much of your life lives there?

Good luck.

A Few Updates:

  • I’m working on Edits for Book Two as we speak. (Jase’s story. This isn’t the title.)
  • Hey, Cowboy (Bull Rider Series #2) will be released in July.
  • Since I have two books coming out soon, here’s my new Mailing List Sign Up address. I only send out important book update announcements and new release information. I did recently send a Cover Reveal announcement to mailing list subscribers for book two in the Double Dutch-Ranch Series: Love at First Sight.
  • Something else… Cowboy Boss and his Destiny was mentioned as a recommended summer read in an article in USA Today by one of the authors in the Passionate Kisses Romance Bundle, showcased on the site. Make sure you check out this book. The price is .99 cents. I’m not in the bundle, but it sure is a deal.















Falling Hard and Fast (#MFRWhooks) Get Caught on my Hook!


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#MFRWhooks #Western #Romance

MFRW Authors BlogThis week I’m joining other authors who participate in the meme, Book Hooks, put on by MFRW Authors Blog.

What is this? It takes place every Wednesday and will include sentences from a book or WIP we’re working on, plus buy links and a blurb.

You’ll be able to jump to other posts via the Linky at the bottom of my post. I’ve done other memes and you know how this works. :-)

Join me this week as I bring a few sentences from the first book in the Double trrtoppicksDutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight, Cowboy Boss and his Destiny. A Sensual contemporary western romance.

This book was published in February 2014 so it’s still a fairly new release. Sale Price is still in effect for a limited time. The second book will be out this summer.

Shortened Blurb (Full can be found Here)

CowboyBossandhisDestiny_MEDNora Trinity returns home after a long absence. Hired by a local rancher to help with his ranching magazine, she’s profoundly attracted to him. But, is she ready for this sexy cowboy and his four-year-old daughter? Tristan Carlson can’t keep her out of his arms. Before he can let his heart go, he has to know she’s different from women he’s met, who don’t want a package deal. But he’s falling hard.

Buy this book at a site below…

Amazon US | B&N | iTunes | Kobo | Smashwords

Meet Tristan and Nora. Destiny is in the background.

  • A night Nora didn’t want to be alone…

It took at least two breaths and she gripped the rail, closed her eyes, and pictured what just happened. Omigod. When she opened her eyes and looked down, he stared up at her, a needy gleam in his she wanted to see more of. She backed away and took another big breath before going downstairs to face him.

She returned to the recliner and met his gaze—lost in the dissimilar glow of his blue or green.

When Destiny fell back asleep, Tristan took Nora’s hands. “Should I apologize?”

She ran her tongue over her lips, still experiencing the tingle, tasting him, smelling him. She met his heated stare. “No need to apologize for something pleasurable.” Something I want more of…soon.

Tristan lowered his voice. “I wanna do it again. Nora—you don’t know how much I’ve wanted to…kiss you. Our lunch together… I’m falling hard and fast for you. Fast…and damn, I don’t get it.”

“Yes I do know. I get it, because I’m doing the same.” She swallowed hard—knowing she had wanted to kiss him. Wanted to kiss him again, too. She reached for him—touched her lips to his for a second, enough to know it was real the first time—still wanting more of him. Heaven knows she wanted more.

Thank you for reading.

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What’s Goin’ On? or What’s going on…


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What’s Mary up to these days?

Hey, Cowboy, Bk 2 (Bull Rider Series) On schedule for a spring release. This book has been a long time coming. Howdy, Ma’am, the first book in the Bull Rider Series is available. Top Pick at Night Owl Reviews. short quote 2_____________________________________________

Jase’s Story Bk 2 (Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight) Some of you knoweffects Jase 2 extra small 3 (2) the title isn’t Jase’s Story. This is what I’m using until I do a cover reveal.

Who is Jase? Oh, I’m glad you asked. He is Tristan’s older brother and makes his appearance in Cowboy Boss and his Destiny. Some of his issues are revealed in Cowboy Boss. He deserved his own story and, wow, did he get one. On schedule for a summer release. This book is now with the editor! This is always scary/exciting.

The reveal will be when I get my first round of edits back, or when I send the first round back to my editor. I’m itching to do a reveal, but not too early.

trrtoppicksCowboy Boss and his Destiny was a Top Pick at The Romance Reviews with a 5 star Review. I’m very proud of what the reviewer had to say. This book is still priced low. Pick this one up before book two comes out. Cowboy Boss is a standalone. No cliffhanger at the end.

What is next?

Nora, Tristan, and Destiny’s story will go on. Cowboy Boss is standalone, but I wanted to write a novella to follow up their story. It’ll be numbered 1.5 in the series. I have a title and cover idea. Whoohoooo… I hope you’ll agree the title is perfect. See images…through my eyes….for Cowboy Boss and Jase’s Story.

• Of course, there is Book #3 which is already in the works, and I’ve written the beginning. I’ve learned a lot about this youngest Carlson brother so far, and I can tell he’ll be a great hero in his own book. His heroine has materialized, too.

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13 Romantic Movies I’d watch again~ Thursday Thirteen


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#Thursday13 #ThursdayThirteen

TT11Watching romantic movies gives me a ‘feel good’ feeling. Even if I have to cry. There’s a big difference between happy tears and sad tears. With my selection, you’ll find both. Either way, I’ve watched these movies more than once and I’d watch them again.

How about you?

They should come with a box of tissues.

My List

Somewhere in Time Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour. Takes place in my own state on Mackinac Island. I have a cute story about my Somewhere in Time tour—it has to do with the tree scene in this trailer. The book: Bid Time Return by Richard Matheson. I’ve read it. (Richard Matheson had a bit part in the movie.) I have the soundtrack too. It’s beautiful. Each year they have a festival on the island to celebrate this movie and era.

image_thumb.pngThe Lost Valentine A Hallmark Channel Movie staring Betty White, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Sean Faris.

The Notebook Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

A Walk to Remember Shane West and Mandy Moore

Under the Tuscan Sun Diane Lane. More of a romance between the heroine and Italy with a happy ending.

Ghost Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore

Dear John Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum

Hope Floats Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr

The Back-up Plan Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin

Letters to Juliet Another movie taking place in Italy. Beautiful. Amanda Seyfried, Christopher Egan, Vanessa Redgrave, Gael García Bernal, and Franco Nero.

Moonstruck Cher and Nicolas Cage

Nights in Rodanthe Richard Geer :-( So sad.

Kate & Leopold Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman

I see a pattern here! Nicholas Sparks has written more than one of these. It figures, huh. He is one of my favorite authors.

Do you have a movie you watch again and again?

As always, feel free to follow my blog. For those interested, I have two new books coming out very soon, and a sign-up form to be notified of new releases can be found HERE.

This post got up late this morning. Sorry about that.

Popcorn Photo Credit: © Christian Draghici |


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From White Page and Dark Space, Miracles Occur

Mary J. McCoy-Dressel:

A great post to begin the week. Your words are uplifting, Christina. :-)

Originally posted on A Spark in the Dark:


Something amazing is about to happen.

From your mind, all of the pieces that make up who you are, will band together to create….

Not just a story, but a living, breathing world.

You, are its god. You will sweat during its trials, smile during its triumphs, and cry among its inhabitants when they experience heartbreak.

Because they will experience heartbreak. You know that’s a part of life, and that sheltering your people from it is stealing away some of life’s bittersweet beauty. And because you love them, you will give them real life, taking away nothing. Not even heartbreak.

You are a writer. But more importantly, you are a storyteller.

Don’t take the title lightly.

From the nothing of white page and dark mind-space comes light, your breath, blown into pages, into the lungs of fictional characters…. You make them real by breathing your…

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